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Whether introducing a new product or service or even seeking improved viability for an existing business, assistance with marketing can help get the word out there. A professional marketer plays a crucial role in identifying the strategies and techniques to attract customers to a business. These professionals determine a company’s long-term success based on product demand and supply and help maximize a firm’s profits and grow the market share. All in all, marketing professionals are creative and innovative people who can change the trajectory of a business with their skills.

If you’re looking for a job in business development and marketing, you need to put in a sufficient amount of research to find a firm that matches your career expectations. You need to go through reviews you find online and speak to people who’ve worked with them.

At Encompass Core, we are confident about the job opportunities we provide and the services we offer our clients. Moreover, we will not shy away from giving you references and will be happy to tell you why we are the top marketing firm in California. 

We have been in the marketing field for many years and have several happy clients and employees. If you’re looking for a marketing firm to help you move forward in your career, here are a few reasons we stand out from the rest.

Upward mobility 
First, one of the main reasons you should choose us is that people move up in our company in an expedited process. We offer our people the proper guidance and leadership experience to help them accomplish their goals in half the time. 

We offer fantastic opportunities
Another advantage you have when working with us is that we work with clients that are at the top of their industries. It is exhilarating to work with them directly and satisfying to know your effort will make a difference in some household name brands.

We promise both personal and professional growth
When you become a part of our team, you can expect personal and professional growth.

We impart communications skills, show you how to hold yourself accountable, teach you marketing, and train you to be a business manager. We pack ten years of experience into a twelve-month training program that is designed to help you succeed.

Our fun, professional, and progress conducive work environment
At Encompass Core, our culture is fun, collaborative, and an environment where asking questions is encouraged. We strive for transparency throughout the office, open and honest communication with the team and focus on helping people succeed.

We strive to ensure a good work-life balance
Finally, we believe our team works best when they have a good work-life balance in place. In this respect, we work very hard in the first months but remember that we are working towards having the freedom that most people never achieve. We push toward being able to set our own schedule and take control of our own life and time!

As one of the leading sales and marketing firms in California, we ensure that we exceed clients’ expectations while caring for our employees. We offer job opportunities in marketing, business development and marketing management solutions across Pasadena, Los Angeles, Torrance, Long Beach, Ontario, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, and Riverside, California.

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